Live at TV Heemskerk

Nice video shots of live performance at Radio/TV Heemskerk last winter now available.

Watch perfomance here


Album 'Bridges to the heart' available for free listen 28-12-2017

2017 album 'Bridges to the heart' is out on youtube for a free listen.
Check it out if you please. Cheers & Happy New Year!

Jimmy Bakker - Bridges to the heart - Complete album 

NEW Live Album - Released 29-05-2017

New live album recorded at beautiful venue 'Hoeve Overslot' in Holland 21-05-2017.
Contains some new unreleased tracks, songs of the latest album and some older ones.

It's available on youtube

Should you wish to have the 10 tracks on mp3/16bit wav, transfer €3
to NL79INGB0006039370 JF Bakker and leave your email address so I can send them by we-transfer.




De release van het nieuwe album 'Bridges to the heart' is een feit.
Lees hier de reviews.

Het album is verkrijgbaar bij live optredens en kan besteld worden
op de 'Shop' afdeling van deze site.

Huiskameroptredens kunnen geboekt worden via 

The new album 'Bridges to the heart' has been released and will be
available at live gigs and can be ordered at the 'Shop' page on this site.

Interview + recensie in Schager Weekblad 25-01-2017

Klik op de foto om interview + recensie in Schager Weekblad te lezen.

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