Opening track for new album released 25-05-2016

Dit nummer wordt de opening track van het nieuwe album.

Jimmy Bakker - Come Away - 2016

Jimmy zoekt drummer voor opnames!

Voor opnames en eventueel optredens zoek ik een strakke drummer die goed met brushes en licht drumwerk is. Stijl americana, folk, alt-country, r&r. Eigen nummers liggen klaar en kunnen worden opgenomen in m'n homestudio in Schagen. Drumkit is aanwezig.

Als iemand tips heeft hoor ik het ook graag via

Albums released on youtube

3 previously released albums from 2007 & 2010 are available for free listening at youtube. Also the latest album 'Higher Grounds' is published on youtube now.


Between Blue Days - 2007    (remastered and edited 2015)

Oblivion - 2010

Nesville Novelties - 2014

Higher Grounds - 2015

New Live Show Online 29-10-2015

Hi folks!
Below a link to the live registration of a lovely afternoon gig at The Irish Cottage.
Recorded at The Irish Cottage in Holland 25-10-2015.

Jimmy Bakker - Live at the Cottage 2015 

Cool VIDEO SESSION in the woods online now! 11-08-2015

With The Northern Acoustic we recorded some songs in the burning summer heat at a great outdoor setting in the woods near Utrecht. It was great fun and the results are pretty cool.

Check the videos below

1. Rattle Snakes & Spiders 

2. It's a mystery

3. Ride with the king

Many thanks to Nick and Florian from The Northern Acoustic

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